I am forever indebted to all the doctors who helped me…I am where I am today because of GSF.

Diego is one of GSF’s many patients who has also become a volunteer. Diego first met GSF volunteers in 1996 at the age of three months for a cleft lip repair. A year later, our volunteers repaired his cleft palate. We have followed Diego throughout his childhood and were able to provide him with two subsequent operations needed as he grew and developed.

Diego graduated as the valedictorian of his high school class and will graduate from the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana in Guayaquil in April 2019 with a degree in Social Communications and a specialty in Audiovisual Productions.  He currently works at the Community Development office of the Prefectura del Guayas, the regional government office in Guayaquil and volunteers with GSF-Ecuador throughout the year.

“GSF changed my life,” said Diego. “I am forever indebted to all the doctors who helped me, particularly Dr. Usama. I am where I am today because of GSF. I want to give something back to my community in honor of what GSF has done for me.”

“I am not a surgeon, but I want to help the children and their families in any way that I can. I understand their struggles, because I went through the same hurdles. I want every child on the mission to forget about their fears, even if just for a little while, knowing that their life will forever change for the better.”

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