Edwin’s Story

Edwin’s parents, Ivonne and Edwin, were tearful when they described how their son’s surgeries completely changed their lives – they are no longer shunned by the community.

Edwin was seven when he and his parents traveled 24 hours by bus from their Amazon village of Moya Bamba to the GSF mission in Peru. Edwin needed a third surgery to repair his bilateral cleft palate.

Mom and dad, Ivonne and Edwin, were tearful as they described dealing with their son’s condition and the life-changing help GSF provided. They spoke of how their son’s surgeries have completely changed their lives – they are no longer shunned by the community; Edwin is now able to go to school and has friends. Dad and mom are able to work for the money they need to live. They can never thank this “bunch of angels, who came to us to make our lives better.”

When Edwin was born with cleft, the family was shocked; they had no family history of the condition. Community support was minimal regarding services and information. The family was economically stressed as well, barely able to afford the special food and bottles for the baby, let alone the surgery he needed. Even after selling all their belongings, they still could not afford the surgical care he needed. They could only find myths about tobacco use and being near lightning during pregnancy. With GSF’s help, they were educated and Edwin was healed. It was more than they could have dreamed.

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