Our Mission

The Global Smile Foundation exists to bring first-class surgical repair to patients throughout the developing world who suffer from congenital facial deformities. The vast majority of unaddressed need we see in this population is children with cleft lips and palates. GSF is proud to work with our partner sites in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Indian Subcontinent.

A Devastating Condition

Because access to surgical care is rare in the countries GSF serves, the simple procedure to repair cleft is difficult to find. Yet the consequences of untreated cleft lip or palate are devastating. Dads often leave the family, believing their child or their marriage, has been cursed; parents will abandon their infant in the hospital, unable to cope with the future the child will face

Children with cleft are generally ostracized from society, unable to go to school or make friends. As adults, patients with cleft lips or palates have little chance of making a living. In fact, most patients keep from one to five family members home caring for them, rather than earning wages to support the household.

Offering Hope

For the past 30 years, GSF founders and volunteers have been dedicated to developing and implementing global outreach programs to change the lives of these families, repairing facial abnormalities and giving patients the confidence to be strong, productive members of their communities.

With Global Smile Foundation, a healthy smile is just the beginning.

GSF is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as
a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.

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