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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

What better way to start 2024 than with our annual Outreach Medical Program (OMP) in San Salvador, El Salvador?

Our team of 21 international and 31 Salvadorian volunteers partnered with the Cleft Team at Benjamin Bloom Children’s Hospital to provide high-quality integrated cleft care to the many families expecting us.

Together with our sponsors and onsite partners, your support enabled GSF to provide the following care:

  • 30 patient screenings
  • 18 long-term patient follow-up consults
  • 39 surgical procedures for 25 patients
  • 167 dental procedures for 45 patients


Two volunteer nurses with a young man they have cared for since 2011

Moris, a GSF patient since 2011, with Corey and Cathy, two volunteer nurses who have been part of his care team from the beginning

GSF is committed to providing comprehensive and holistic cleft care, going beyond one-time surgical procedures, to ensure that our patients have the best possible health outcomes. Thank you to everyone involved in providing cleft care to Salvadorian patients!

See our El Salvador page here.