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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

Beyhan Annan MPH

Operations Manager

Kristen Keith RN

Workshop Director

Aida Hamdan MD

Logistics Advisor

Arminé Seferian MBA, BFA in GD, PMP

Communication & Creative Director


Maria del Mar Muñoz Pareja

Senior Mission Coordinator

Alejandra López, PMP

Mission Coordinator 

Melissa Aguilar

Mission Coordinator 

Diego De La S

Photo Administrator

Richard Pedrick

Materials Manager

Sandy Ferris

Materials Coordinator

Robert A. Younan MD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Mario Haddad MD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Sara Hussein MD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Lucille Ridgel MD

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Wassim Najjar

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Lisa Kamins Crist MBA

Development Advisor

Jon Kozesky

Grant Writer

Division Directors

Talal Ali Ahmad

Director of Information Technology

RG Conlee

Director of EMR

Adam Johnson MD, PhD

Assistant Director of Research

Serena Kassam DMD

Pre-Surgical & Dental Division Director

Alex Marston MD

Director of Outcomes