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Innovation in Surgery

Dr. Usama Hamdan, President and Co-founder of Global Smile Foundation (GSF), recently shared insight into cleft care surgery during a January outreach medical program at Benjamin Bloom Hospital in San Salvador. His presentation focused on an innovative surgical technique pioneered by GSF, Premaxillary Setback with Posterior Vomerine Ostectomy and Complete Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair. This technique integrates four surgical procedures, providing a comprehensive solution with efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

Dr. Hamdan explained the intricacies of this surgical technique, uniquely suited to cleft care in outreach settings because it eliminates the need for multiple interventions. By integrating several procedures at the same time, this technique minimizes the physical and emotional burden on patients and expedites the recovery period. It also cuts down on the cost associated with surgical care.

The Importance of Dental Care

Pediatric Dentist and long-time GSF volunteer Dr. Robert Goldsmith was invited by the Ministry of Health in El Salvador to discuss dental care and oral health in patients with cleft lip and palate. He and Dr. Sofia Perez, a pediatric dentist in San Salvador, spoke to a group of Salvadorian dentists. While oral health is extremely important for all children, children born with cleft have a greater risk of caries and other issues. Dental care is an important part of the integrated cleft care that GSF provides to patients.

Volunteers and cleft providersBoth presentations support GSF’s broader mission to provide education and training at program sites, fostering empowerment among in-country cleft providers. GSF recognizes that sustainable impact goes beyond surgical interventions. It lies in equipping local healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills required to deliver high-quality cleft care independently.

These educational efforts exemplify our commitment to creating lasting change within the communities we serve. By sharing expertise and advancing innovative techniques, GSF maximizes the impact of our efforts beyond hospital walls and across regions where individuals with cleft conditions receive comprehensive and sustainable care.