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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

To guide Global Smile Foundation (GSF) efforts towards empowering international sustainable cleft care in resource-limited regions of the world, we have proposed a novel Sustainability Road Map based on the GSF experience. This road map focuses on the standardization of surgical outreach missions and various capacity building initiatives. Our article, Sustainable Cleft Care: A Comprehensive Model Based on the Global Smile Foundation Experience, will be published in the Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal (May 2021 issue) and featured on the cover.

An important part of the GSF model is the training and education of cleft care providers globally through the Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshops (CCCW). The map above shows workshop locations through 2025.

The blue pin indicates the location of the GSF headquarters in Norwood, Massachusetts. Other pins:

  1. Beirut, Lebanon, 2018
  2. Lima, Peru, 2019
  3. Chennai, India, 2020
  4. Istanbul, Turkey, 2021
  5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2022
  6. TBD, Southeast Asia, 2023
  7. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2024
  8. Cartagena, Colombia, 2025