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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

Volunteers with GSF-Peru conducted several local outreach programs in December 2020 to promote oral health and share smiles with children in underserved communities. Following proper precautions against the spread of COVID-19, volunteer teams visited three areas to distribute oral hygiene kits donated by Colgate®, as well as toys, clothing, and holiday treats.

On December 9 and 10, the team went to the town of Aragostay led by GSF volunteer Claudia Zúñiga with assistance from the Leo Trujillo California Club. Later in the month, the team held an event at the Trujillo Municipal Dump with support from the Leo Juntos Sergamos Mejor Club, the El Alambre police station led by Cmdr. Osorio and AF. Cobeñas, and several anonymous donors. The final program took place in Ascope and was led by volunteer Mayra Meléndez.

Outreach events are an effective way to generate awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene. Most GSF patients come from underserved and low-income populations near Trujillo who do not have access to preventive dental care. GSF-Peru not only helped make healthy smiles possible through these events, they shared happiness and holiday spirit with so many children and adults. We are thankful for their efforts.