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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

Global Smile Foundation (GSF) patients who receive comprehensive cleft care not only have healthy smiles, but also the chance for healthy lives. Even though most of our patients undergo care when they are very young, they are still able to turn their gratitude into compassion –and action– for others. In this way, our patients are having an impressive positive impact on the world.

“The Power of a Healthy Smile” follows the journey of Sebastian, a GSF patient from Ecuador, who became a patient in 2008 and is now a volunteer with Fundación Global Smile-Ecuador. This article was shared by Exceptional Parent Magazine in their September 2021 issue.

Thank you to Sebastian and his family, Diego De La S, and Jeanne Paolilli for contributing!

“You could see it on [Diana’s] face,” said Dr. Usama Hamdan, President and Co-Founder of GSF, recalling the moments of that day, “She was so distraught and worried for her son. We knew we had to help him.”