Beirut, Lebanon

Seven Years of Cleft Care

GSF returned to Beirut in the spring of 2018 to perform procedures at Bikhazi Medical Group (formerly Fouad Khoury Hospital). Before the Mission began, GSF held the first-ever international simulated Comprehensive Cleft Care Workshop to share best practices in a multi-disciplinary approach to cleft care. Close to 100 participants attended, including surgeons, speech pathologists, and nurses from 20 different countries around the world.

The workshop featured surgical simulation lab sessions, small team discussions, and a detailed review of cases with one-on-one feedback from world-class experts in the field. We appreciate all those who attended the workshop, as well as Global Smile Foundation-MENA volunteers, and our event sponsors.

Our Comprehensive Cleft Care Team

The GSF team included 20 volunteers from around the world, as well as 48 local hospital staff, and 13 local volunteers. The team was comprised of:

• Surgeons
• Pediatrician
• PACU Nurses
• Speech Therapist
• Photographer
• Psychologist
• Mission Coordinators
• Logistics and IT Staff
• Simulation Expert

Care Provided

Talia Foundation, UNHCR, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, NORWAC & URDA referred patients for treatment during the mission. In just one week, GSF was able to provide:

  • 42 surgical procedures for 25 patients, including cleft lip & palate repairs/revisions, fistula repair, premaxillary setback, & gingival perioplasties
  • 32 Speech Therapy Screenings & Treatments
  • Professional Psychosocial Support
  • VPI Assessments (speech deficit evaluation & treatment planning)

Our Beirut Story

Beirut is Lebanon’s seat of government and plays a central role in the Lebanese economy with many banks and corporations based in its city center. GSF completed its first mission to Beirut in 2012 sponsored by the Talia Foundation. GSF partnered with American University of Beirut Medical Center for surgical procedures and a series of educational lectures. The purpose of GSF’s first mission was to deliver a series of lectures and operate on a small number of patients, paving the way for future missions to Lebanon.

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