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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

We are proud to announce that we have becoming a recognized partner of the GlobalGiving platform. As part of the initial Accelerator program, we successfully raised $10,018 from 79 unique individual donors to support our project, Support Healthy Smiles for Children in Ecuador.

“We’re thrilled to have Global Smile Foundation as part of our community. Global Smile Foundation has met our rigorous vetting standards for trust and community support, and we’re committed to providing tools, training, and support as they learn, grow and become more effective,” said Alix Guerrier, CEO of GlobalGiving. “GlobalGiving donors value the opportunity to support nonprofits like Global Smile Foundation, knowing that they’ll get regular updates about how their donations are put to work.”

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not been able to provide much-needed comprehensive cleft care for patients in Guayaquil, Ecuador,” said Dr. Usama Hamdan, president of GSF. “Until our missions resume in 2021, we are now conducting Telehealth sessions to continue to provide patient care as well as providing critical resources such as infant formula, specialized bottles, medications and other necessary supplies through our volunteers in the country.”

You can learn more about the GSF project, Support Healthy Smiles for Children in Ecuador, and how even $10 can make a difference to children in underserved communities here: