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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

Global Smile Foundation (GSF) has selected the Proximie Live augmented reality platform to assist in its training initiative for cleft lip and palate surgeries in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In addition to providing comprehensive care for underserved cleft patients, GSF empowers local communities through educational workshops, fellowships and training initiatives including the implementation of augmented reality for advanced surgical techniques in cleft repairs.

Proximie’s Live platform will allow GSF’s affiliated surgeons in the US and Europe to train and mentor surgeons in Ecuador and other locales on various techniques in real time and regardless of their geographical location. This also eliminates the need for the mentoring surgeons to travel to these sites on a regular basis. The technology allows connectivity via a computer or tablet and to remotely guide the operating surgeon via surgical markings on the screen.

Proximie co-founder, Talal Ali Ahmad, said: “We are delighted to provide our technology to assist Global Smile Foundation in its educational initiative to further the training of cleft providers worldwide. Often, patients have to wait for extended periods to receive care. With Proximie’s augmented reality, GSF surgeons can remotely mentor their colleagues whenever and wherever needed. “The overall aim of this project is to ensure that cleft surgeons in Ecuador and other locales can master these procedures and enhance quality of cleft care that is delivered to a large section of the patients’ population.”

GSF plans to expand the use of Proximie’s technology in other countries where it provides care including Peru, El Salvador, Brazil and Lebanon.

GSF President and co-founder, Dr. Usama Hamdan, said: “Augmented reality paves the way for a sustainable platform for cleft care. Thanks to Proximie, GSF is sharing over 31 years of expertise in cleft care with our surgical colleagues in Ecuador and hopefully other locales. It gives us an opportunity to deliver the most advanced patient care, including surgical repairs, while empowering on-site surgeons and other cleft healthcare providers.”

*Featured image shows a demonstration of the Proximie platform using a model, not a live patient.