Trujillo, Peru

Eleven Years of Cleft Care

Our Comprehensive Cleft Care Team returned to Trujillo, Peru from May 25 to June 2, 2018. The GSF team included 56 Peruvian Hospital Staff, 24 Peruvian Dentists, and 12 Peruvian Volunteers in addition to medical experts from Brazil, Ecuador, and the United States. The team included:

  • 7 Surgeons
  • 5 Anesthesiologists
  • 4 OR Nurses
  • 3 PACU Nurses
  • 2 Pediatricians
  • 3 Speech Therapists
  • 7 Admin Coordinators
  • 1 I.T. coordinator
  • 2 Photographers

In just 10 days, the team was able to provide care to new patients and follow-up with previous patients. Comprehensive care included:

  • 125 Patients screened for surgery, with 48 procedures completed for 39 patients
  • More than 513 dental procedures performed by 24 volunteer dentists
  • 115 Speech Sessions including 95 Speech Therapy Screenings, 8 VPI Scope Assessments, and 10 Feeding Education Sessions

Thank you to all of the volunteer and sponsors who made this mission trip possible.

Our Trujillo Story

Trujillo is the most important economic center of northern Peru, but it is a city that is extremely underserved medically. A tremendous amount of patients require care due to a lack of access to surgical care in the northern mountain regions of Peru.

The Global Smile Foundation has partnered with EsSalud, Peru’s largest healthcare provider, and Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (UPAO) to provide much-needed cleft care to patients at the Centro Medico Especializado Casa Grande.

Hospital Virgen de la Puerta

Global Smile Foundation is fortunate to be hosted at EsSalud’s Virgen de la Puerta Hospital. Opened in Dec 22, 2014, Virgen de la Puerta is located 15 km from the center of Trujillo and services the entire Libertad region. The hospital has 240 beds, 36 consulting rooms, 4 operating rooms, an X-ray imaging center, and 9 laboratories.


Global Smile Foundation volunteers have partnered with EsSalud, the largest healthcare provider in Peru, with 440 healthcare facilities, since 2005. On May 27th, 2016, Dr. Virginia Baffigo, Chairwoman of EsSalud, largest healthcare provider in Peru and Dr. Usama Hamdan, President of GSF, signed an agreement between both institutions that covers cooperative efforts in education, training, outreach cleft missions and the establishment of comprehensive  cleft care centers at EsSalud hospitals.


Global Smile Foundation has partnered with the Universidad Privada Antenor Orrego (UPAO), the largest private university in Northern Peru, and home to more than 25,000 students, since 2011. GSF and UPAO have collaborated to expand education between the two institutions, and the 2017 Trujillo mission should see a full spectrum of lectures, didactic and simulating training sessions.

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