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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

Amir’s cleft care journey began when he was eight months old in September 2016. He was born with a complete bilateral cleft lip, which can be challenging for a child and their family physically and emotionally. A complete bilateral cleft lip involves a separation of the lip on both sides, extending from the upper lip to the nose.

His mother brought him to Guayaquil to meet the GSF team so they could evaluate Amir and provide reconstructive surgery. Given the severity of his cleft lip, Amir needed a complex procedure. If not done properly, the procedure can actually leave the patient with a secondary deformity in the lip and lead to other complications. As some of the most skilled cleft care providers from the leading institutions in the United States, GSF volunteers had the experience to provide the best care possible for Amir.

Amir and his mother When his mother saw him after the surgery, she burst into grateful tears. A year later, Amir returned for a cleft palate surgery.

He continues to come back to see the GSF team every year for the additional care he needs, such as dental treatment and speech therapy. Seeing Amir grow up with a healthy smile is always a highlight of the mission for the volunteer team.


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