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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

Rosario’s adorable smile captured our team’s hearts when they met her in 2017.  Rosario’s mother, Carmen, remembers when Rosario was first born, she and her husband thought there was nothing they could do about her cleft lip. With help from the Benjamin Bloom hospital, they learned about GSF, and how children like Rosario could receive comprehensive cleft care. They traveled nearly four hours from the eastern region of Sensuntepeque, to bring Rosario to San Salvador to attend the GSF screening day.

Holding her daughter after a successful surgery, Carmen felts happy and at peace. She was so grateful to the hospital and to GSF for providing the operation necessary for Rosario to grow up free from stigma and without the other difficulties that go along with having a cleft. Carmen is amazed at the success of her daughter’s surgery, and confident Rosario will have a happy and healthy smile!


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