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A Healthy Smile is Just the Beginning®

When Edwin was born with cleft lip and palate, his parents were shocked; they had no family history of cleft. Community support was minimal and provided little information or services. The family was economically stressed, barely able to afford the special food and bottles for the baby, let alone the surgery he needed. Even after selling all their belongings, they still could not afford the necessary surgical care.

In 2009, Edwin’s parents traveled with their infant son for 24 hours by bus from their Amazonian village of Moya Bamba to the Global Smile Foundation (GSF) mission in Trujillo, Peru. Ever since that first day, GSF volunteers have provided comprehensive care to Edwin, including four surgical procedures, dental care, and speech therapy.

Edwin’s mother, Ivonne, tearfully describes how her son’s surgeries have completely changed their lives — they are no longer shunned by the community. She is grateful that Edwin is now able to go to school and make friends and that she and her husband are now both able to earn a living. She says that they can never fully thank GSF volunteers, whom she calls the “angels who came to us to make our lives better.”

Edwin is doing well in school and continues to visit GSF during every mission.


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