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Our Senegal Story

Senegal has a large number of untreated cleft patients. Although the incidence of clefts in Africa is not among the developing world’s highest, the number of patients who do not undergo cleft repair is quite high due to the lack of financial resources and a nationwide healthcare system that accommodates appropriate care.

Mission Statistics

GSF’s team worked at Barthimée’s Hospital in Thies at the invitation of Jooko Cleft Association. The team screened 52 patients and performed 31 procedures on 30 patients. GSF also donated several anesthesia monitors and electrosurgical units to the hospital. In addition to the surgeries performed, GSF provided an extensive educational program in Dakar at the Sokhamon Hotel. The conference covered a variety of lecture topics including surgical, pediatric, anesthesia, nursing, and epidemiological aspects of cleft care.

Past Missions